uBITX QRP Radio — Wiring Assembly Build

A year back or so I order my uBITX QRP radio and finally had the time to build it all. I had a very hard time as a new amateur radio operator / new to building radio finding resources to help guide me in the build. I made this quick video in hopes others will find it helpful in getting this radio built and on the airwaves. I can confirm that it works as I have gotten several QRP contacts SSB with my invert v antenna!

Here are a few resources that I found helpful during my build:

Wiring up the BITX40Below is the connection diagram. This diagram is all you need to know to hook you your BITX40. You may want to follow…www.hfsignals.com BITX20 groups.io GroupThis group exists for constructors of the various BITX projects, to discuss all aspects of the design and construction…groups.io BITX HacksModifications, Hacks and Fun with the BITX40 boardsbitxhacks.blogspot.com uBitxUbitx.net provides help for constructors: Preventing catastrophes and providing guides, fixes and modifications for…ubitx.net


I have only used this radio a handful of times so it was more a project-based kit that was really fun to build. However, I was able to get a QRP QSO from San Diego to Idaho all on 5 watts! I am sure I will revisit this radio in the future.